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Company profile

Beijing Nenggao Pukang Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nenggao Pukang"), formerly known as the monitoring and O&M division of Beijing Nenggao Automation Technology Co., Ltd, mainly focuses on the health management technology of key industrial equipment (PHM). Taking the holographic intelligent state perception of key equipment as the basis, and guided by a series of products and services of comprehensive solutions for full life cycle health management, it is to build a high-end technical service consulting company that focusing on product R&D and manufacturing, system integration, health management consulting of industrial key equipment, and customized operation services with intelligent condition monitoring and big data intelligent analysis. 

With the mission of "Innovating Technology to Make Machines Healthier", Pukang attaches great importance to scientific and technological R&D. Since 2007, Pukang has undertaken and participated in many national and local science and technology projects. Relying on a good innovation ecosystem, Pukang has established extensive cooperative relationships with mainstream domestic power companies and complete machine suppliers. At present, the service scale of wind power technology products has covered more than 10g watts, and it is the head supplier of PHM technology product and service for key equipment in wind power generation in China.

We will continue to hold the entrepreneurial philosophy of "Working Hard and Solving Practical Problems", seeking truth from facts and moving forward pragmatically; use high-quality technical innovation service to ensure the safe production and operation of customers, improve operation efficiency and reduce O&M costs; in-depth practice the strategy of "becoming a leading supplier of innovative and industrial smart technology"; continue to create real value, promote the improvement of industry and industrial O&M management, and achieve a win-win situation of social value, enterprise value and employee value.

Mission:Make Machines Healthy with Innovative Technologies
Vision:Leading Supplier of Industrial and Innovative Smart Technologies
Values and Code of Conduct:Honesty、Innovate、High 、Share
Enterprise strength
Enterprise strength
Enterprise strength
公司具有質量管理、環境管理、職業健康安全管理ISO認證、國家高新技術企業、雙軟等資質;擁有CQC、GL、CE、國家自主創新示范區新技術新產品(服務) 等認證。
National science and research projects
  • Development of intelligent control and management platform for offshore wind farm
  • Research and promotion of wind farm operation guarantee technology
  • Research and promotion of key technologies for wind turbine design
  • Research on dynamic modeling and simulation technology of wind turbine
  • Research and system development on intelligent optimal control of large-scale wind turbine units and comprehensive support technology for wind farm operation
  • Research on key technologies of independent electric variable pitch integrated system for large-scale wind turbines
Provincial and ministerial science and research projects
  • Construction of IOT platform for distributed energy O&M and the development and promotion of key products
  • From Wind Grid/Dynamic modeling and simulation of wind turbines
Patents owned
29 invention patents 3 utility model patents
Patents owned